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What is the 3CX VoIP PABX all about?


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   Versions - Hosted Hotel

You can setup the PABX in your own office and even interconnect several locations to one PABX.

Then you have everything for a fixed purchase price and you’re set for the rest of your life.

Or you choose for a hosted model per month in the cloud.
You then pay a fixed rental price per month and per extension for a PBX with all the possibilities you could wish for:

  • Voicemail
  • Transfer to other number
  • Electronic reception
  • Holidays and office hours
  • Answer calls from anywhere with your 3CX App even at the other side of the planet.
  • You only pay for outgoing calls and choose your own (SIP) provider

On-site or Cloud

The Hotel Module

The Hotel Module is available in 2 versions depending on your needs.

1. Hotel Module without PMS integration

This allows you to manage certain things through a webinterface:

- Check-in & -out
- Call invoicing
- Wake-up call (can also be set by the guest on his room phone)

2. Hotel Module met PMS integratie.

Works seamlessly with all known PMS solutions: Opera, Fidelio, Brilliant, Protel, …

Your collaborators don’t need to use an extra interface. They simply work through the PMS as today.

- Check-in & -out (phone gets customer’s name and outbound calls are allowed)
- Room Status
- Wake-up call
- Mini bar
- Call invoicing directly to PMS

3CX management console


This VoIP PABX runs on Windows.

So, you can install on any Windows version even virtual machines.

It contains out of the box all possibilities you’ll find in the most expensive phone exchange systems:

3CX wallboard for call centres
  • music on hold
  • electronic reception with option menu
  • supports all brands of phones that follow the SIP standard.
  • free software to call via PC and smartphone by 3CX. Work from anywhere.
  • Video conferences (no software necessary for the other participants). More info about Video Conference
  • ...
3CX presence screen

The 3CX PABX has little to no extra options. Everything’s on board already.

You only need to make a few choices:

1. Standard or Pro

If you which to integrate with your CRM software or you’re a call centre and want wall-boards and group responibles who can monitor the amount of answered calls live, then you choose the 3CX Pro version.

2. Hardware by Fly By Wire or own hardware

Either FBW supplies your 3CX PBX, including Windows license preinstalled on your machine.

Or you provide us with a virtual machine or own Windows machine.

The 3 types of 3CX, Standard, Pro or Enterprise