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On own hardware

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For smaller companies who want more flexibility a hosted PABX is often more intersting.

You pay a fixed price per month for your phone exchanger.

Would you like to rent a fixed phone as well with this?
No problem.

Would you like an extra extension next month?
No problem.

Hosted in Cloud

Choose between 2 possible Hotel Modules:

- The module without PMS integration
- The module with PMS integration

Soon integrated for free in 3CX Pro

The 3CX license does NOT take into account the amount of phones/extensions.

You can connect an indefinite amount of phones.

The price of the license depends on the amount of simultaneous calls desired.

Hotel Module

A simultaneous call is either an incoming, outgoing or internal call.

So if an incoming call is put on hold and announced to an internal extension there are temporarily 2 simultaneous calls until the transfer is made.

Make sure to contact us for a correct custom made quote !
+32 51 49 49 00  –  info@fbw.be

  Standard Pro
 4SC €   350 €   450
 8SC €   725 €   895
16SC € 1250 € 1495
32SC € 2250 € 2750

You can choose to install 3CX on your own  hardware or virtual server.

Or you can ask us for the price for a hardware PABX which includes a Windows license.

We’ll install your 3CX PABX on this machine with the utmost care.
That way it will be nearly ready for use when we come to install it on-site. 

without PMS integration €     795
With PMS integration €   2695
Basic Advanced
per extension € 6 €  11
Basic Advanced
Amount of SIP accounts 1 1
Amount of voice channels 1 1
Voicemail-to-Email x x
Call transfer x x
Busy Lamp Fields (BLF) x x
Own voice prompts x x
Own music on hold x x
Message Waiting Indicator x x
Time filters x x
Call routing x x
Secure Calling x x
Shortened numbers x x
Function Indicator x x
Mixed Ring Groups x x
Templates Office Hours x
Prefix Configuration x
Centralised phone book x
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) x
Call Parking x
Video Calling x
Text@Display x
Call Queues x